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Radio and television broadcasting were as important to the growth and popularity of boxing as it was to the reshaping of our very culture. In The Golden Age of Boxing on Radio and Television, Frederick V. Romano explores the many roles that each medium played in both the development and the depiction of the sport. Principal among the topics covered are the ever-changing role of technology during the four-decade-plus period, how it impacted the manner in which the sport was presented to its public audience, the exponential growth of those audiences, and the influence radio and television had on the financial aspects of the sport, including the selective use of radio and television and the financial boom that the mediums created.

The Golden Age of Boxing on Radio and Television also assays radio and boxing during World War II, the role of organized crime, and the monopolistic practices during the television era. Romano also presents a detailed account of announcers such as Don Dunphy and Ted Husing who brought the action to the listeners and viewers, the many appearances that boxers including Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, and Rocky Marciano made on radio and television when they were not in the ring, and the mediums’ portrayal of the sport in an array of programming from drama to comedy.

This is a must-have for all serious boxing fans.

WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING: “Riveting…. arresting” - CURT SMITH, author, Voices of The Game: The Acclaimed Chronicle of Baseball Radio and Television Broadcasting From 1921 to the Present

“Meticulously researched…. absorbing” - DAVID J. HALBERSTAM, author, Sports on New York Radio   


The Boxing Filmography: American Features, 1920-2003






"Hands of Stone" A Fight Fans' Delight!

August 24th, 2016 by Bobby Breen

I had a message on my phone late last Friday night inviting me to a pre-screening of the movie about Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran for Tuesday August 23rd, 2016. Well, having been an avid boxing fan since I was 12 years of age (some 48 years ago), having been stationed with the U.S. Army in Panama in 1976-78, and being involved in boxing since 1980 in several different capacities, plus the fact that Roberto Duran is my all time favorite fighter, this was something I didn't want to miss. I almost did miss it as I did not respond in time and was put on a waiting list. Well, determined I went to the theater and was let in, Thank God!

I love boxing, I love the sport, I love the people in the sport, well most of the people in the sport, and I am a fan of boxing movies. My all time favorite is "Somebody Up There Likes Me" (1956) starring Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano. Yes, Rocky (thee Rocky, the first one), Raging Bull, The Harder They Fall, even On The Waterfront qualifies to be on the list as "You don't understand I coulda had class, I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am".

This movie has it all. Great actors; Robert De Niro as Ray Arcel, famed boxing trainer, Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez who portrays Duran quite accurately, Usher as Sugar Ray Leonard, Ruben Blades as Duran's manager Carlos Eleta, former boxer John Duddy plays Ken Buchanan, who Duran won the lightweight title from in 1972, John Turturro as Frankie Carbo famed boxing mobster, veteran actress Ellen Barkin portrays Ray Arcel's wife Stephanie, and Ana de Armas portrays Duran's wife Felicidad Iglesias. Look for current Philadelphia boxing referee Gary Rosato portraying real life referee John LoBianco in the Duran vs. Buchanan boxing scene.

Let me say for this boxing fan, the fight scenes were as good or better than Raging Bull. Usher who was actually trained by Sugar Ray Leonard for this movie and also did some training time at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, NY does capture the charisma that Leonard had throughout his career. Ramirez went to Panama one year prior to filming to learn how to box and emulate Duran.

Their training and preparation was quite evident in the fight scenes, along with the mannerisms of these two great all time legends. Ramirez truly captured some of the ferocity in Duran's movements. As someone who followed Duran's career since the late 70's it was a welcome reception to see it in action on the silver screen.

De Niro, well what can I say about De Niro's part as Ray Arcel. I remember Arcel during Duran's fights with Leonard, and reading about him back in the day. But I did not know much more about the great boxing trainer. Well, he trained over 2,000 fighters and some 20 World Champions, since the 1920's. Benny Leonard, Ezzard Charles, Jim Braddock, Barney Ross, Tony Zale, Larry Holmes, are just some names on the list. This movie is almost as much about Arcel as it is about Duran and this fan is grateful for that. He stood up to the mob when most did not. He brought class and dignity to a sport that sometimes isn't deserving of it. This could have been named the Ray Arcel story, but the two are connected in boxing history and that's just the way it was. De Niro brought it all to life again with his intensity on screen.

The storyline, plot, climaxing fight scenes of the two Duran vs. Leonard meetings, the famous "No Mas" fight, and up to the Davey Moore fight where Duran redeems himself are all intertwined with the relationship of Arcel to Duran. Duran was a hero to his beloved country Panama. His early childhood was one of extreme poverty and the influence that America had on the Panama Canal and his country. There are many scenes of Panama, the great Panama Canal, the Miraflores Locks, the Bridge of the Americas, connecting North and South America over the Canal, and the slums of Panama City El Chorillo, where Duran was raised, are all captured amazingly well. Having been there in the 70's and having went back three times since 2000, wow, I was there again. There are historic scenes relating to the confrontational America-Panama relations, some of the riots during that period and the effect it had on Duran.

Hands of Stone (2016) is to be released Friday August 26th. It has had mixed reviews since its showing at the Cannes Film Festival back in May. I believe boxing fans will truly determine the exact quality and value this film will add to the sport of boxing and one of its living legends. Not to mention the long list of fight films. The soundtrack, some provided by Usher adds to a well directed, produced and acted sports and love story. The life and times of one of the greatest Lightweight Champions ever in the history of boxing.



 Edwin Chu Chu Malave.




It’s finally arrived: The definitive history of the Jewish boxing experience. Eminent boxing historian Mike Silver presents this vibrant and colorful history in the first illustrated encyclopedic compendium of its kind. Included are biographies of 166 prominent Jewish boxers, numerous anecdotes, sidebars and over 200 photos.  As an extra added feature Mike rates the top ten Jewish boxers in 13 different categories.

Stars in the Ring: Jewish Champions in the Golden Age of Boxing: A Photographic History (Lyons Press, hardcover, 366 pages) is now available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Silver is a member of the International Boxing Research Organization. He is the author of The Arc of Boxing: The Rise and Decline of the Sweet Science (McFarland Publishers, 2008). Mike is a former Inspector with the NYSAC and was historical consultant for 19 televised documentaries.


When I read a book about a prize fighter I want to know the whole story. I want to know about their early life and what led them into the brutal fight game. What they did after their career ended and what legacy did they leave. In the book “Ezzard Charles ; A Boxing Life”, author William Dettloff does an admirable job of covering all the bases.
Mr. Dettloff is an accomplished scribe who spent fifteen years as the Senior Writer for Ring Magazine. It is obvious throughout this book the research and attention to detail the author painstakingly took. Ezzard Charles fought his way to the top in an era loaded with all star talent. Ezzard met the best of those times. Names like Burley, Bivins, Maxim, Moore, Walcott, Marciano and Louis adorn his record. As well as many others.
Ezzard Charles never received a much deserved shot at the light heavyweight championship even though most acknowledged him as the number one man at the time. Frustrated he went after the heavyweight crown and won it after the great Joe Louis retired. Charles was never fully accepted or appreciated by the fans as a heavyweight. When Louis decided to come back and try to regain his crown his effort was thwarted by Ezzard. This made Charles even more unpopular as he had defeated a beloved icon.
All this and more. Much, much more is explained in the pages of this fine book. Ezzard’s three wins over the Old Mongoose Archie Moore. The aftermath of the bout Charles had with Sam Baroudi that was fatal for Baroudi. The battle Ezzard had with Lou Gerhig’s disease that claimed his life at the age of 51.
The bottom line is that in his prime Ezzard Charles was a great fighter. Very possibly the greatest light heavyweight of all time. A child from Georgia who ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio and went on to have an illustrious boxing career. Hats off to William Dettloff. This was a wonderful book and a sure “keeper” for my boxing library.
The book is available through Amazon.com or
Jim Amato


I recently finished a wonderful book titled "Tony Zale ; The Man Of Steel". It was written by Tony's nephew Thad Zale and the astute Clay Moyle. The first thing that impressed me about this fine book was its attention to detail. The time and effort that went into researching this book jumps off the pages. What also impressed me was the fact that this was not just a book on Tony Zale's boxing career. It was also about Tony Zale, the man.
Tony Zale was a devout and religious man but he was dealt several issues in his personal life that only his unyielding faith was able to lead him through. Zale was surely a champion inside and outside the ring. Tony is considered by many to be among the greatest fighters to ever wear the middleweight crown. That in itself speaks volumes about his talent. In this book there are great chapters covering Tony's fights with Georgie Abrams, Al Hostak, Billy Conn and many others. Also the famous trilogy with Rocky Graziano.

After Tony's retirement he dedicated himself to helping others. He loved working with kids and in the end Mr. Zale gained the respect and admiration of all who knew him. I highly recommend this book. Hats off to the authors for a job well done.

 This book will be placed on my "keeper" shelf in my boxing library.

For information on ordering this book, go to www.tonyzale.org
Jim Amato





Win By KO Publications is proud to announce the release of DEATH IN VEGAS, a novel by esteemed former Nevada fight doctor, Dr. Margaret Goodman. DEATH IN VEGAS, a medical suspense novel, is part Million Dollar Baby, part Rocky, and a bit Erin Brockovich.

Dr. Olivia Norris takes on the mostly male world of Las Vegas boxing power brokers. Olivia is a brilliant, attractive Chicago neurologist, married to her work, admired by her colleagues, and estranged from her family. When her brother, a rising boxing star, is tragically injured in a championship prize fight, Olivia swoops in to uncover what went wrong. Did Curtis’s bout go on too long? What injuries did he suffer and why? Did the ringside physician give him appropriate care? Is the hospital doing everything they can for him?

Her search for answers forces Olivia to reconnect with her family. She uncovers secrets from her past that have a powerful impact and inspire her to dig even deeper into the dark world of performance-enhancing drugs.

To find the real truth, she travels to Mexico with the handsome, former ringside physician Dr. Bart Rossi. There, they find themselves attracted to each other, while also uncovering the dangerous, illegal side of boxing. Before she can return home, Olivia realizes that her determination to find the truth could kill her and her new friends too.

Both mystery and romance, DEATH IN VEGAS is a page-turner that offers a unique perspective on sports from an insider –a former ringside physician who is an outspoken advocate for boxers.

About the Author:

Margaret Goodman, M.D. is a Las Vegas neurologist, former chief ringside physician for the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and founder and chair of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), a non-profit organization that has tested Manny Pacquiao and numerous other fighters for the presence of performance-enhancing drugs. She has appeared on HBO, Showtime, ESPN, ABC, and Fox; written for ESPN.com, SI.com, and Aol.com, among others; and had a monthly column in The Ring Magazine for eight years. She won The Boxing Writers Association of America’s James J. Farley Award “for honesty and integrity” in boxing, and in 2012, HBO’s The Fight Game named Dr. Goodman boxing’s “Person of the Year.”

You can learn more about Dr. Margaret Goodman at her website: www.margaretgoodmanauthor.com

FB: Margaret Goodman MD - Author, twitter: @MGoodmanMD

The book is available for purchase on amazon.com and other online booksellers:



In 1984 a young 140 pound fighter from the Midwest entered the ranks of professional boxers with the dream of becoming a world champion. He was a straight forward, no nonsense southpaw who would throw punches from bell to bell. In a nutshell, he was a crowd pleaser. It was this style that earned him several appearances on the ESPN and USA cable boxing networks. His name is Jeff Bumpus and he carried the nickname “The Tazmanian Devil”. He would eventually learn that his dream would not become reality.

Jeff Bumpus has written a fine book titled “Becoming Taz ; Writing From The Southpaw Stance”. Jeff takes you on a trip through his career that spanned from 1984 to 1993. A career that saw him cross gloves with five world champions and several contenders. It is a book about the travels of a boxer who went from prospect to journeyman. Despite losing to the likes of Greg Haugen, Vinny Pazienza and the great Julio Cesar Chavez, Jeff always gave a good account of himself. He was no pushover. That is why the networks loved him.

The book itself is a fine read. Jeff mixes brutal honesty with a dash of humor as he tells about his journey as a professional boxer. The book reminded me a lot of former middleweight contender Fraser Scott’s fine book “Weigh In” that came out in the 1970′s. Minus the sour grapes. Yes Jeff had his issues with the boxing establishment but he did not dwell on it. That is just the way it was.

I highly recommend this book to add to your boxing library. It has 191 pages with several photographs included. This stiff cover book is available for $12.95 with free shipping in the U.S. Contact editor@canopicjar.com for more details.

Jim Amato



A collection of wonderful articles intricately woven, remembering and detailing many of the long forgotten gladiators of the ring, and how their lives and careers have impacted so many people in and out of the sport. Several heroic stories are eloquently brought to life as they are paid tribute for their contributions to society. There are also stories which have been embedded in the author's memory and shared here with you So sit back, relax and enjoy.

The book includes a Foreword by Al Bernstein, IBHOF Inductee and testimonials by Harold Lederman, HBO Sports; Dan Cuoco, Director, International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO); Bob Alexander, Boxing Hall of Fame announcer; and, Roy Jones Jr., All-time great boxing world champion.


Steve Canton has been involved in every aspect of boxing beginning as a boxer at age 11. He has traveled the world, thanks to the sweet science, and has made friends everywhere he's gone. He co-hosted a popular radio talk show for many years, wrote a monthly Florida column for Flash/Update and has had numerous articles published in many top trade magazines and major web sites. He is a member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO). Steve is a world-class cutman and trainer and was inducted into the inaugural class of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame in 2009 as a trainer, and now serves as its vice-president.

If you would like to purchase a signed or inscribed copy, please contact the author Steve Canton @ sjcboxing@hotmail.com


BOOK REVIEW ; The Good Son ; The Life Of Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini by Mark Kriegel

Once I picked this book up. I could not put it down. That is how captivating it was to me. Boxer Ray Mancini is a former champion who has been in the limelight most of his life. Reams of print have covered his storied career. In this book the author Mark Kriegel goes beyond what the newspaper and magazines said about Mancini. It exposed Ray's human weaknesses as well as his achievements. It showed us that Ray Mancini is human. Just like you and I.

Mancini's life has been a tale of triumph and tragedy. A rocking row boat caught in high waters. Through much of his life he's been greatly glorified and deservingly so. Mancini always trained hard and came to fight. He was a true media darling. A promoters cash cow. His relationship with his father and Ray's dream of winning the title his Dad never had a chance to fight for set the tone for this book. There was more to Ray Mancini though. Much, much more and the author digs deep to find what makes "Boom Boom" tick. It is very easy to see why Mark Kriegel is an award winning biographer. If Krieger was a painter, this would be his masterpiece.

I highly urge you to pick up this book and read it. I am quite sure that you will not be sorry.

Jim Amato


BOOK REVIEW ; Hard Luck : The Triumph And Tragedy Of "Irish" Jerry Quarry

AUTHORS - Steve Springer and Blake Chavez

FOREWORD by George Foreman

I have always been a big fan of Jerry Quarry. He was a mainstay in the talent laden heavyweight division during the late 1960s and into the 70's. His multitude of fans shared in his triumphs and his disappointments throughout his roller coaster career. Whenever you counted Jerry out he would win a major fight to propel himself back to the heavyweight forefront. His victories over Floyd Patterson, Thad Spencer, Buster Mathis Sr., Mac Foster, Ron Lyle and Earnie Shavers always kept him in the thick of the heavyweight title picture. Then there were the losses to Ali and Frazier who both defeated Jerry twice. There were the losses to Jimmy Ellis, George Chuvalo and later in his career to Kenny Norton.

Much has been documented on Jerry's career and his battle later in life with Dementia Pugilistica. A battle that would take his life in 1999. The authors of this book do a tremendous job of detailing Jerry's life and career from the beginning to the bitter end. It brought back a lot of memories both good and bad but it also reminded me of why I was such a fan of Quarry and that era of heavyweight boxing.

This is more than a book on Jerry Quarry. It was like reading and reliving that historic time frame in fistic history. Other then Muhammad Ali himself, no one stirred the pot of controversy better then Quarry during that time frame. Along with his great boxing ability Jerry had something else. Loads of charisma that most of today's heavyweights lack.

I highly recommend this book to all boxing fans. It is a great read. If you are a Jerry Quarry fan...Well what are you waiting for ?

Jim Amato



























































































































































































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